Seattle Technical Advisors



George Lindsay
and the Art of
Technical Analysis

Trading Systems of a Market Master


A handful of typos were found after the book went to press. All are minor but the examples below may cause some confusion for serious students of Lindsay's analytical process.

Right Shoulder (past examples pg 174)

  • The Right Shoulder dated 2/9/1966 was followed by a short decline of 240 days, not 271 days.

    The Right Shoulder dated 10/26/1973 was followed by a long decline of 406 days, not a short decline of 288 days.

    Footnote:The end of first line should read March 10, not March19

  • Ascending Middle Section (Figure 13.1, page 192)

    In the top chart on page 192, Figure 13.1, point F is listed twice. The point F at the top of an upswing is correct. The point F at the bottom of a downswing is incorrect. In an Ascending Middle Section point F always occurs at a high.

  • Long Basic Advances (page 164)

    A long basic advance varies between 742 and 830 days, not the 715 days written in the 4th paragraph.

  • 1961-62 Decline (page 208)

    First paragraph, last sentence. "The 12-year interval counts 12 years, 4 months from the high of June 1948 to October 1962." It should read "June 1950"

  • Post Top Counts (page 113)

    Table 8.2
    11/23/1936 107 3/10/1937 (not 1939)

  • Principal Top-to-Top Counts (page 130)

    Table 10.1, Second to last line, Market Top,
    should read 2/4/1965, not 2/4/1964.

  • Long-Term Intervals (page 154)

    Table 11.1, Third Row, Low
    should ready 10/27/1923, not 8/27/1923

  • Sideways Movements (page 182)

    Table 12.3, Second row,
    11/19/1885 - 12/3/1886, not 12/3/1888