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Timing the Market?

For all the talk of ‘timing the market’, very few technicians actually ‘take the time’ to study… time; Instead, they focus their energies on price analysis. George Lindsay was the exception. 

The closest anything comes to Lindsay’s work today – and the cause of some confusion – is the study of cycles. But Lindsay’s work was most definitely not cycle analysis. His corpus was a study of time intervals; Intervals of time that do not act like cycles; starting anew where the previous time span ends.



Intervals of First Principle

I refer to Lindsay’s time intervals as ‘Intervals of First Principle’.  Just as Aristotle sought to find the ultimate causes of all temporal phenomena and called these causes First Principles, Lindsay’s Standard Time Spans have no common denominator – they ARE the common denominator in the mechanics of market behavior. The meaning of Lindsay time intervals is not found with Fibonacci, explained by Elliott, or analyzed using algorithms. They are the ultimate cause of all these approaches and more.


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Three Peaks
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