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Seattle Technical Advisors conducts workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada on the market timing methods of George Lindsay.

These workshops are a great opportunity for those who have read the book, George Lindsay and the Art of Technical Analysis, to ask questions and fine-tune what they have already learned from the text.

The workshops can also serve as an introduction for those who have never read the book to get a head-start on their knowledge of Lindsay Time Intervals.

Cost per participant: $125 

(Contact us for group rates)

Let us know of your interest in attending a workshop through the registration form to the right.



Denver Trading Group 3.3.12




Interested in having Ed Carlson speak at your upcoming engagement? Inquire here:

Jacksonville, FL CFA Society 9.21.11



"Best Investment Book
   of the Year"
-Stock Traders Almanac, 2012   


Calgary, Alberta  3.17.12

Canadian Society of Technical Analysts___




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